Micro-structures with Responsive Materials

Selected publications:

  1. Shucong Li#, Bolei Deng#, Alison Grinthal, Alyssha Schneider-Yamamura, Jinliang Kang, Reese S Martens, Cathy T Zhang, Jian Li, Siqin Yu, Katia Bertoldi, Joanna Aizenberg (2021). Liquid-induced topological transformations of cellular microstructures. Nature.
  2. Shucong Li, Michael M Lerch, James T Waters, Bolei Deng, Reese S Martens, Yuxing Yao, Do Yoon Kim, Katia Bertoldi, Alison Grinthal, Anna C Balazs, Joanna Aizenberg (2022). Self-regulated non-reciprocal motions in single-material microstructures. Nature.
Bolei Deng (邓博磊)
Bolei Deng (邓博磊)
Postdoc in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.