Soft robots via Architected Materials

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Selected publications:

  1. Bolei Deng, Liyuan Chen, Donglai Wei, Vincent Tournat, Katia Bertoldi (2020). Pulse-driven robot, Motion via solitary waves. Science Advances.
  2. Bolei Deng#, Mohamed Zanaty#, Antonio E Forte, Katia Bertoldi (2022). Topological solitons make metamaterials crawl. Physical Review Applied.
  3. Ahmad Zareei, Bolei Deng, Katia Bertoldi (2019). Harnessing transition waves to realize deployable structures. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
  4. Lishuai Jin, Antonio Elia Forte, Bolei Deng, Ahmad Rafsanjani, Katia Bertoldi (2020). Kirigami‐Inspired Inflatables with Programmable Shapes. Advanced Materials.
Bolei Deng (邓博磊)
Bolei Deng (邓博磊)
Postdoc in Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

My research interests include distributed robotics, mobile computing and programmable matter.